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Poll Results Show Alaskans Assistance Psychedelics Reform As Legislators Contemplate Bill To Study Medical Access- Cbdganjah

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A new survey has revealed that nearly half ( 49.4 % ) of Alaskan adults would support a ballot measure to more broadly remove criminal penalties for using substances like psilocybin mushrooms as Alaska lawmakers continued to advance legislation to study how to license and regulate psychedelic-aided therapy in anticipation of federal approval.

When participants were informed that Alaska has high rates of mental illnesses that could potentially be treated with psychedelics, that support increased markedly—to nearly two thirds ( 65 percent ) ).

The Alaska Entheogenic Awareness Council ( AKEAC ), a nonprofit organization, released last week the results of its statewide survey of 1, 179 Alaska residents. It comes as the state’s support for reform expands around stimulants, which some believe are a promising solution for soldiers and others with PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, depressive disorder, and various mental health conditions.

In a statement about the new surveys, AKEAC said,” It’s inspiring to see such a positive shift in how people view the use of these grow treatments. More people are acknowledging the value of these ingredients in treating a number of mental health problems.

The results “underscore a growing attitude among Northern people for policy reforms that prioritize damage lowering,” according to the advocacy group.

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