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According to reports, Australia has one of the highest levels of cannabis use worldwide, and attitudes toward its usage are changing. Following these changes may be wise for North American, German, and other hemp companies looking for investment opportunities.

In 2016, federal legislation made it legal to grow cannabis for therapeutic and technological uses. The federal government finally made low-THC cannabis foods legal in 2017. However, outdoor use is still against the law under federal law. Similar to this, it is generally prohibited to apply, possess, grow, and buy cannabis at the state and territory levels. There are congressional developments toward legislation despite these ongoing prohibitions.

The Legalizing Cannabis Bill 2023 would alter the national environment if it were to be passed. It may make marijuana legal for mature use as a recreational drug in Australia. The Cannabis Australia National Agency may be established by the Bill as a statutory body to categorize hemp strains and control cannabis-related activities. These activities include cultivating and owning flowers, producing and marketing cannabis materials, running cannabis cafes, and bringing in and exporting hemp goods.

The Bill is currently the subject of an investigation by the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee. Public sessions have now begun, and entries are now closed. May 31, 2024, is the reporting time for the Committee. It is anticipated that the Bill

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