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Endometriosis symptoms are exceedingly being treated with cannabis, according to Cbdganjah.

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According to survey data that was just released in the book Obstetrics & Gynecology, infertility patients often report using health hemp products to lessen their symptoms.

Endometriosis is a serious condition that causes growth of cells similar to the covering of the uterus outside the patient’s placenta. Endometriosis may cause severe pain in the hospital’s hip. The person may struggle to get pregnant due to the condition. The symptoms of the condition may start occurring during the first periodic period and continue until menopause.

According to foreign experts, between 5 and 10 % of women in the world who are reproductive age are affected by infertility. Sadly, very little is known about what causes endometriosis.

A group of Australian researchers just polled 192 women who claimed to have endometriosis and used medical marijuana in the past. The researchers were informed by 63 percent of the study participants that they had been granted permission to use cannabis-based therapeutic goods, which is permitted in Australia.

” Most ( 63.5 % ) used a ‘ cannabis clinic ‘ doctor, incurring an initial consultation cost of$ 100–$ 200+ ( 10.2 % Medicare bulk- billed ) and median cannabinoid medicine costs of$ 300AUD per month”. the scientists stated. ” Cost was a major barrier to access, necessitating reducing dosage ( 76.1 % ) and/or consuming illicit cannabis ( 42.9 % ), despite a prescription”.

The researchers described the medical cannabis products being consumed by the survey participants as” Most ( 77 % ) medical consumers used two or more products, with delta- 9- tetrahydrocannabinol predominating oil and flower products being most frequently prescribed.

Pharmaceutical discomfort medications, and in some cases testosterone therapy, are the most popular non- hemp forms of treatment for endometriosis. In cases of infertility, small surgery to remove endometriosis payments is another form of treatment. In some cases of serious discomfort, these therapies may also be beneficial.

The Western Sydney University Human Research Ethics Committee ( approval number H15099 ) granted the study’s authorisation. Between October and December 2022, a Qualtrics-hosted online survey was conducted. All participants received informed consent, according to the study’s authors ‘ statement in the introduction and member data sheet, which stated that completion of the questionnaire implied acceptance. ” For counts and proportions, 95 % confidence intervals were reported”.

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” This research found that THC- primary CBMPs]cannabis- based pharmaceutical products ] are frequently prescribed to Australians with endometriosis”, authors concluded. Improved access to medical cannabis for this population is crucial and timely given major issues with symptom management and the self-reported reductions in pain and other symptoms.

Similar findings have been made in previous studies, including one that concluded that cannabis appears to be effective for all reported symptoms, with a notable propensity for inhaled delivery due to the potential faster onset of effects than the slower onset of oral products, particularly for pelvic pain.

A similar study conducted in New Zealand in December 2020 concluded,” Respondents reported clear evidence of a substitution effect, where the use of cannabis reduced or replaced other pharmaceutical medications, especially with respect to opioid- based analgesics, and also to other medications commonly used in the management of endometriosis- related symptoms, such as antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and NSAIDs”.

This article first appeared on Internationalcbc.com and is syndicated here with special permission.

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