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Cannabis labour is on track to rise in 2024, according to a survey.

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After a difficult time marked by hundreds of layoffs in the industry, cannabis work numbers may rise in 2024.

According to the yearly Cannabis Salary Guide study conducted by pot recruitment firm Vangst.


According to a news release, 86 pct of the 1, 000+ hemp employers and employees surveyed said they plan to increase hiring in key locations.

According to the survey, two-thirds of financial companies are gearing up to get five or more workers in the upcoming months.

That’s good news for aspiring marijuana workers, especially since Vangst research revealed that job numbers decreased by 2 % in 2022.

Vangst’s results even demonstrate:

Top-end salaries increased by 4.7 %, outpacing the 4.1 % average increase in non-cannabis industries, and high-value employees were paid more.

Read the full content on Marijuana Business Daily.

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