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Congresswoman Claims That Marijuana Rescheduling Could Reset Full Federal Legalization Up” Another 50 Years”- Cbdganjah

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According to a Democratic senator who is the leader of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, rescheduling marijuana had put the nation “another 50 years” away from provincial legalization.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA ) stated to Marijuana Moment that she is “opposed” to moving marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III, as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ( HHS) has advised the Drug Enforcement Administration ( DEA ) at a National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA ) summit on Thursday in Sacramento.

The congresswoman stated that it will get another 50 years to reach legalization because often you take an progressive stage like this, which took us a very long time to complete.

Lee stated,” I assume that they are and I’m getting ready,” even though she has n’t immediately heard from DEA whether they will accept the Schedule III advice.

Earl Blumenauer, a co-chairman of the Cannabis Caucus, and other congresswoman’s colleagues have argued that DEA should completely repeal the Controlled Substances Act ( CSA ) rather than merely rescheduling it. Lee, however, is going a step further by vehemently opposing the rescheduling’s progressive transformation.

Lee even emphasized that, perhaps if

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