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Despite the mayor’s concerns, Connecticut lawmakers file a Mushroom legalization bill.

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Despite the mayor’s office late expressing concern about the psychedelics reform, Connecticut lawmakers have redoubled their efforts to legalize low-level possession of psilocybin.

A new bill introduced by the Joint Judiciary Committee of the legislature and cosponsored by Rep. David Michel ( D) would make possession of up to 1.5 ounces of psilocybin subject to a$ 150 fine without the threat of jail time.

A fine of at least$ 200 but not more than$ 500 would be imposed for a second or subsequent violation. A person who enters a guilty or no battle plea on two separate occasions may be referred to an addiction treatment program.

Any quantity of kaleidoscopic found under the measure, HB 5297, would need to be taken into custody and destroyed by the authorities. A Class A offense would be the possession of more than a half-ounce of mushroom.

The House passed a previous draft of the mushroom liberalization bill last year, but the Senate did not move forward.

Last month, lawmakers and activists held an instructional forum to talk about psilocybin’s medical ability and possible routes to regulated entry.

” We are motivated to carry on the discussion by the Judiciary Committee’s management.”

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