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The Chart Guy on hemp stocks up until Easter Weekend- Cbdganjah Dan

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We wish everyone a glad Easter Sunday! We took a close look at the hemp stocks that were on one’s minds this past year as they prepared for Easter trip with” Dan, The Chart Guy,” in the Easter season of the Trade To Black radio. We look forth heading into Q2, 2024. The NASDAQ experienced the lowest level of volatility in two decades. Why? With Dan from @ChartGuys, we may learn about chart study. We’ll explore the most popular cannabis companies and those you might avoid. Additionally, we’ll examine new Bitcoin activity.

General views on the price behavior that we’ve seen this week: Typically, one looks at the index, but with the NASDAQ being ‘dead’, we must look to the smaller businesses to find the volatility because the ETFs are n’t providing it.

The first inventory we’re looking at is Canopy Growth Corporation, which last year experienced a lot of uncertainty. It experienced a significant jump by the late part of the year, which was down about 30 %. Find out what Dan has to say about holding on to Canopy Growth Corp. during time trading.

The following stock we’ll be looking at is Tilray Brands Inc. The property has been doing also, but if Canopy sees regular combination, Dan believes there’s a good chance that Tilray will as well. SNDL Inc.’s great on Thursday, which featured some of Tilray’s similar peaks and valleys, even closed.

Flipping over to the US part of the cannabis business, we will be looking at Ayr Wellness Inc, Verano Holdings Corp, Trulieve, and AdvisorShares Pure Cannabis ETF, among others. This next week will be important for the business, Dan feels. Do n’t miss out on the whole rundown.

When you tune into this Trade To Black Easter show, discover what Dan thinks are the split points for these cannabis companies and whether their activity is encouraging.

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