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Senate-Cbdganjah’s proposed adult-use pot THC cover is defeated.

Florida state capitol building Tallahassee 1

In the condition government, a plan to limit the amount of THC in a possible adult-use pot business in Florida was rejected.

A commission in the Florida Senate advanced Senate Bill 7050 earlier this month, which would have set THC limits of 30 % for flowers and 60 % for ingredients.


Prior to a Tuesday date, the act was not heard at a Senate Fiscal Policy meeting, according to Florida Politics.

A similar act has been introduced in the state House, but it is useless without the necessary Senate hearing, according to its partner, Republican state representative Ralph Massullo.

The introduction of Massullo’s House Bill 1269 in January may had placed a cap on the THC content of smokable flowers.

Florida would have been the condition in fourth place.

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