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Monday: FREE Webinar: Cbdganjah- Cannabis Loans and Investments

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Reminder! Our most recent cannabis firm conference, scheduled for tomorrow, February 28th, with a focus on” Cannabis Loans and Investments,” is on schedule.

A number of factors in 2024 make things pretty intriguing for both cannabis market investors and businesses:

Interest rates are higher than they were a few years ago, but they are projected to drop suddenly. Many cannabis companies are struggling, but weed may proceed to Schedule III at some point this season, increasing margins.

This conference has you covered whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for suitable terms on your loan or equity or a cannabis entrepreneur looking to secure funding. Equip yourself with economic wisdom to succeed safely in this ever-changing field.

Focus areas:

The complexity of the cannabis economic system Risk management navigating the complexity of borrowing money Capitalizing on investment opportunities Possible effects of the proposed marijuana re-scheduling

We’ll also address some of the most pressing issues, such as how to manage the cannabis business using sound financial strategies and regulatory issues.

Do n’t miss out: this is your chance to become an informed player in the world of gaming.

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