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From Pioneer to Global Supplier: Canada’s Crucial Role in Global Cannabis Expansion- Cbdganjah

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Following Canada’s landmark Cannabis Act, it became the first big developed nation to legalize and regulate marijuana in 2018.

Canada has likewise played a significant role in the global development of clinical cannabis, despite being rightly seen as both a beacon of hope and an essential tutor for those who support adult-use cannabis reform around the world.

Since the 2014 introduction of the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations ( MMPR ), Canada has played a crucial but frequently overlooked role in the” seeding” of medical cannabis markets around the world, according to Prohibition Partners ‘ Canadian Cannabis Report, which is available today.

Canada’s position in the world cannabis landscape

With the introduction of the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations Act ( MMRA ), Canada became a leader in cannabis reform in 2001.

This was replaced by the MMPR in 2014, putting American manufacturers of medical cannabis at the vanguard of supplying emerging markets around the world.

Ten years later, most of the world’s health cannabis markets still receive a sizable portion of their market supply from the nation, in addition to the initial supply of American products.

According to Prohibition Partners, this is owing both to Canada’s first entrance into the industry, seeing it used’ as a point of reference’ for emerging areas, and also the length of its business.


Canadian medical cannabis exports increased by 50 % in the fiscal year 2022-2023, easing the 9 % decline in domestic sales. With exports and domestic sales combined, Canada’s largest federally regulated medical cannabis industry is now the largest in the world.

With emerging markets choosing to move out cannabis transformation gradually, often through aircraft programmes, these markets may continue to rely on Canada for both supply and policy direction, mainly due to early- market licensing capacity.

The American market plays the role of a reference point for presidency, which allows it to develop much more quickly than operators in most other markets, thereby causing the development of new layers of the global worth chain.

Union GMP and” toning”

The Canadian hemp market has experienced a dynamic shift in the five years since adult-use cannabis was made legal. This has been accompanied by declining health cannabis sales and intense competition from the outdoor market according to glut issues.

Manufacturers are now progressively turning to imports, where they’ll usually get a better rate than selling internally, seeing the export market boom.

In turn, this has resulted in a fall in” ringing” or contract manufacturing businesses all over the world, particularly in Europe.

By design, Health Canada rarely required domestic manufacturers to receive ( Good Manufacturing Process ) GMP accreditation, rather seeking to save on time and costs by just keeping laws consistent with GMP needs.

However, as more and more skilled markets around Europe adopt EU-GMP standards, American exporters frequently rely on third-party running facilities with EU-GMP certification to offer and plan their goods in order to be able to sell into Europe.

Organigram would be a good example of this by sending bulk medical flowers to Germany’s Sanity Group, which provides EU-GMP contract manufacturing services, who then turns the imported bulk products into finished EU-GMP-certified goods.


The Canadian Cannabis Report can be purchased right away here for more information about the state of the Canadian cannabis market right now and how it affects global supply chains.

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