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Marijuana Legalization Bill- Cbdganjah is approved by Germany’s Parliament.

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A bill to decriminalize marijuana across the country has been formally approved by the German parliament.

Eight boards of the Bundestag debated the cannabis policy two days prior, and on Friday, the entire body voted 407 to 226 in favor of final paragraph.

The bill, which will legalize marijuana possession and home agriculture as well as give social clubs permission to distribute marijuana to members, is currently before the Bundesrat, a distinct legislative body that represents European states. However, its members are powerless to stop the reform from being implemented.

If legislation is approved, it will go into effect in April, according to supporters, but that date is now up for debate. To handle the implications of the law on criminal justice, the Bundesrat may decide to refer the policy to a mediation committee, which may require months of further deliberation.

The floor vote comes weeks after the Social Democratic Party ( SPD ) and other members of Germany’s so-called traffic light coalition government announced that they had reached a final agreement on the legalization bill.

Before the floor vote, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, who has been the government’s guide on the cannabis strategy for months, stated that the nation is “fundamentally changing our cannabis control policy in order to fight the dark market.”

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