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Cannabis legislation in Germany has been “quasilegalized,” and a health boost is anticipated.

Plenary Hall meeting room of Bundestag German Parliament in Reichstag Building

Because the new law does not include a platform for the distribution and financial sale of adult-use products, it was approved by Germany’s top legislative body on Friday. This legislation is being hailed as both “quasi legalization” and “generational milestone.”

The law approved by the Bundestag typically decriminalizes cannabis, permits home cultivation, and establishes the legal framework for so-called” cultivation social clubs” —nonprofit organizations where people can purchase marijuana for recreational purposes.


The law still needs to be read in the Bundesrat, the lower house of Parliament, even though it is anticipated to take effect on April 1.

The costs will be examined by the Bundesrat, but its” assent,” which is distinct from approval, is not necessary.

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