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Prince Harry’s inflated substance use claims in Memoir’s Spare may have been used to improve sales, according to experts at Cbdganjah.

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Prince Harry’s admissions in his best-selling 2023 memoir, Spare, about using cannabis, cocaine, and magic mushrooms do n’t necessarily support the royal’s use of drugs, according to the Biden administration’s attorneys. According to the lawyers, the attorneys suggested that the author does had exaggerated these claims to increase book sales. These contentions arise as a result of Prince Harry’s immigration reputation being questioned.

This statement comes in light of a case that a D.C. court is presently looking into, and it involves whether Prince Harry should be ordered to publish his application for a visa because he uses illegal substances. According to DHS attorneys, releasing for paperwork would have exposed the rejected royal’s history of drug use as an “unwarranted invasion of Prince Harry’s privacy.”

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, has been pressing the Department of Homeland Security ( DHS) to release these documents for several months using their argument as evidenced by the admissions made in Spare, his widely read memoir. The Heritage Foundation wants Prince Harry deported because he wrote about using medications, according to High Times.

In addition, there are details in Spare like William and Kate’s encouragement to wear his infamous Nazi costume to a Native and Colonial-themed costume party in 2005, his body count while serving in Afghanistan ( 25 ), physical fights with William, and how he collaborated with a medium to try to contact the ghost of his late mother, Princess Diana.

DHS attorney John Bardo informed the court that” the reserve does not entail sworn testimony or proof” confirming the Duke of Sussex’s true drug use in an effort to protect his privacy and immigration standing, as well as those who helped him get quite protected status, as well as the judge. Just because something is written in a book does n’t mean it’s factual, they say.

The Duke’s claim that he had invented his drug use tales was dismissed as a “preposterous debate” by Egyptian Gardiner, the director of the Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom. After the hearing, he said,” This is Prince Harry’s own book.” He stated that “he has not refuted any of the information in his text, including the in-depth records of drug use.”

The most absurd conclusion is that using recreational drugs may make one’s immigration standing questionable.

Prince Harry wrote the following about enjoying hemp in Spare, per Newsweek:

” I ca n’t recall where the stuff came from.” I anticipate one of my colleagues. Or perhaps numerous. We would commandeer a little upstairs bathroom whenever we found ourselves in possession, where we would implement an incredibly intelligent, organized assembly line. Second and third boys leaned against the lake, while third and fourth boys sat in the empty bathroom, legs prodded over, and were waiting their turn. You would get a few hits, blow the dust out of the windows, and subsequently move on to the next stop, in movement, until the stogie was gone. Then we all headed upstairs and giggled ourselves silly over a new exhibit show or two. Family Guy. With Stewie, a prophet without honor, I experienced an unfathomable friendship.

The Duke may have entered the United States through three different ways, according to the court’s information: by obtaining a waiver, a exemption, or by applying for a political visa.

At the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse reading, Bardo claimed it was “entirely feasible” that the Duke was granted access to the United States on a” type A” card, which is intended for diplomats and foreign officials who are conducting official business. According to Bardo,” He continues to be a member of the British Royal Family and holds the title of Duke.”

Gardiner expressed doubts about Prince Harry being regarded as a minister, calling it “highly improbable” because “he had no formal role on behalf of the British people, his personal connection with the Royal household, that was at a lower point as the judge himself really referenced in his remarks.”

The former royal was previously accused of giving up his privacy rights when he” sold every aspect of his private life for, according to the Heritage Foundation, for more than$ 13 million,” citing the fact that his privacy claims have received “widespread public ridicule.”

Samuel Dewey, a Heritage Foundation attorney, brought up the Duke’s new appearance on Good Morning America earlier this month, in which he mentioned considering applying for U.S. membership.

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, who apparently faced a ton of racism and love while constantly residing in England as a member of the royal family, moved to California in October, and stated their intentions to leave the royal family. Megan, the Duchess, started applying for U.K. citizenship, but she did n’t get there. The child’s children have two citizen because she is now a U.S. citizen. According to U.S. immigration laws, “any person who holds any positions of nobility or genes in any foreign nation must renounce such positions or titles.”

Read the entire High Times content.

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