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The First Amendment, Medical Cannabis Advertising, and Mississippi- Cbdganjah

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Initiative 65 of Mississippi

The passage of Mississippi’s Initiative 65, a medical hemp act with enumerated qualifying conditions, was unquestionably one of the biggest congressional surprises of 2020. In probably the reddest and most politically conservative state in America, where there has only been one Democrat as governor since 1992 and where Republicans hold a sizable majority in both houses of the government, Initiative 65 was overwhelmingly supported by 69 percent of Mississippians.

It’s important to note that this bill was passed in a position where the government referred to the legalization of medical marijuana as’liberal’ ballots made by” stoners,” despite the fact that it is incredibly difficult to believe that 70 % of Mississippians are stoners, significantly less democratic ones at that. A medical cannabis costs passing by a significant percentage is apparent evidence in the very current Republican support for at least expanding the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Medical cannabis has been accessible to qualifying patients in Mississippi since early 2023, and it has sold over$ 35 million in its first year of sales. There are also more than 180 licensed dispensaries spread out across the state. all the way down from Corinth

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