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According to a state-commissioned ballot, more Californians now believe that legalizing weed has “positive” effects than voting for it in the 2016 presidential election.

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According to a recent survey conducted by California pot regulators, 62 % of people think that the state’s legislation law is having “positive” effects, which is even higher than the percentage that actually voted to pass the reform more than seven years ago.

The FM3 Research study was released on Monday as part of a brand-new” Real California Cannabis” strategy, and it was sponsored by the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC).

Given that a lower percentage ( 57 % ) voted in favor of the adult-use cannabis legalization initiative at the ballot in November 2016, it is noteworthy that 62 % of respondents believe legalizing cannabis to be effective.

The survey also revealed that, in contrast to the illegal market, where cannabis is sold, 86 cent of adults believe it is important to do so. This is a crucial goal for officials as the state works to combat illegal sales.

According to another 72 % of respondents, shoppers have some obligation to look for authorized cannabis stores for their goods.

However, it’s not always easy because different areas can choose not to allow marijuana companies. Additionally, the survey revealed that 85 % of residents who live in an opt-out area either mistakenly believed retailers.

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