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Governor of New Mexico Signs Psilocybin Therapy And Research Resolution- Cbdganjah

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A bipartisan resolution from the governor of New Mexico calls for state officials to investigate the psychedelic’s medical potential and develop a framework for regulating its use.

Sen. Jeff Steinborn ( D) and Senate Minority Whip Craig Brandt ( R ) unanimously passed the measure one week after the Senate. It received final approval from Michele Lujan Grisham ( D) on Thursday. The solution was previously overwhelmingly advanced by the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee.

The plan is not enforceable as “memorial” policy. Instead, it serves as a formal request for the state Department of Health to “establish an application system for mushroom vegetables to be used for medical health treatments” and” study the effectiveness of using such mushrooms.”

While pointing out that the federal Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) has designated the psychedelic as a “breakthrough therapy,” the resolution’s whereas section cites numerous studies that support the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin for conditions like major depression and substance abuse.

In order to achieve this, the measure advises the health ministry to investigate “necessary legal or governmental framework for developing” a state-level mushroom program.

” It transpires that psilocybin, a skilled mushroom, has

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