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The pre-roll industry is on track to continue expanding in 2024 due to consumer demand, manufacturing advancements, and cost stabilization. How does brands compete head-on and win in this product category that is extremely competitive?

A pre-roll company’s development can be supported by a number of important strategies, including utilizing modern technologies, conducting thorough consumer research, and incorporating creative packaging and design. In the new year, here are some strategies for manufacturers to advance.

Highly customized

The best pre-roll companies must include both material and style. There are never, thankfully, more options than there are in terms of visual appeal, such as a wide range of colors, flavors, papers, strength, and designs.

One thing to remember about your clients is understanding what makes them tick. Do they want a beautiful experience with appealing visuals? Or perhaps they are more worried about the economic impact of the product. The most successful pre-roll brands are those that are aware of their customers ‘ needs and can anticipate their needs.

digitally advanced

Use cutting-edge technology to make sure your pre-roll is noticed is another way. Advancements in pre-roll machinery over the past few years have made it possible for brands to scale fast, produce constant products, add post-packaging labels, and more.

Businesses have a chance to walk out and prevent fraudsters by adding physical indicators like a filigree ( a watermark impression ) to the pre-roll paper. Gumming systems also adds a layer of complexity that may protect against fraud and enables brands to create patterns using food-grade paint patterns on the actual gums line itself.

This enables brands to increase their patterns, designs, and logos to the pre-roll, resulting in a distinctive style that deters counterfeiters and raises brand recognition even after the pre-roll is removed from its exterior packaging.

Better Paper

Pre-rolling document is almost as crucial as the paper used to make it. Second, it needs to be consistent, obedient, and healthy to smoke. And usually, some cannabis enthusiasts find that the more flavorful the paper the thinner it is.

Some businesses offer pre-rolled rolls made from various botanicals, such as cannabis plant and tea, because customers likewise want paper that enhances the smoking experience. There are pre-rolled rolls with additional concentrates like cipher, herb, wax, or shatter for an even more dangerous experience.

More responsible

Customers are becoming more and more concerned about the effects of their purchasing decisions on the culture. That’s generating a greater demand for pre-rolls with biodegradable and reusable package, report free of chemical compounds, and manufacturing processes that use less natural resources.

New styles

Pre-rolls today come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Pre-rolls called little pre-rolls, also known as dogwalkers, are pre-rolled products that weigh less than 35 grams, compared to the typical pre-roll, which weighs about 1 ounce.

Due in part to the fact that people do n’t necessarily want to share joints with others, they have grown in popularity over the past few years. As businesses consider expanding their product ranges, they might want to think about different pre-roll sizes, pre-roll packs, better child-proof package, and another format additions that serve their target audience.

There has never been a better time for businesses to levels up their pre-roll products and increase their market share thanks to item advancements and improved manufacturing techniques.

This post first appeared in Tech Today’s Level 5 Issue3. Read the entire publication around.

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    Alex Boone is the managing director of Botani, the paper-making tycoon SWM International company with a focus on hemp. Understand more at Botani.com.

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