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Deal Between Oregon Democrats and New Drug Possession Criminal Penalties- Cbdganjah

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When everything is resolved, you’ll be able to notice that we kept the promises we made at the outset.

Oregon Capital Chronicle by BenBotkin

Democratic legislators announced on Wednesday that they have come to a preliminary agreement to create an entirely new category of criminal that would give accused another opportunity to enroll in treatment programs and no jail time for drug possession.

House Bill 402, which lawmakers are using this program to tackle the fentanyl-fueled drug overdose and addiction crisis, will incorporate the charge, which was hammered out near the middle of the 35-day session. Its goal would be to provide individuals who have been found using smaller amounts of drugs with numerous opportunities to seek treatment and treatment rather than incarceration.

Senate Majority Leader Kate Lieber (D-Beaverton ) stated in an interview with the Capital Chronicle,” You’ll see, once all of this is resolved, that we have lived up to the promise we made at the outset, which is we’re going to have a strong cover package.” And you’re going to set up a strong plan to try to address the habit crisis.

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