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According to the governor’s plan, the Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary is “excited” to regulate marijuana and claims that the state “is really good at growing things” ( Cbdganjah ).

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The director of Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture claims to be “excited” about the prospect of his office managing an adult cannabis market, as the governor has suggested. Additionally, he claimed that because producers there are “really great at growing stuff,” the status is in a unique position to benefit from the transformation.

Legislators pressed Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding on the proposal to possess his office hold governmental power of the market at a hearing before the House Appropriations Committee on Thursday. ( D) Josh Shapiro

Authorities are also “very first in those conversations,” according to Redding, but” we take the vote of confidence in what we have done regarding plant, creature, and food experiences with regulation—and all of that is transferable.”

There are n’t many occasions when you can introduce a new crop. Therefore, he said,” We see this as an option for economic growth in Pennsylvania.” We excel at growing items. This is how a crop is grown. Everything is applicable.

He continued,” We believe there is a chance for both expense in those fields and those farm neighborhoods.” We are therefore excited about it, and I believe it to be a wonderful time.

The minister agreed.

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