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The Week in Weed: March 8, 2024- Cbdganjah

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Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday glance at what’s happening in the world of legalized pot. This year, we check in on Virginia, to see if there’s any advancement on the wholesale business expenses. We re- visit the Eastern Band of Cherokee in North Carolina, who are planning to laid up their initial clinic. We note that Hawai’i has an grownup- use act moving through their government. Does the fact that Trulieve received a tax refund prompt another hemp companies to try to recover money? And lastly, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert had a bit on Germany legalizing pot.


Next week, we reported that a wholesale business bill had passed the Old Dominion’s House and Senate. The argument over building a facility in Northern Virginia appears to have gotten to the forefront of the financial sector this month. There is a facility in downtown DC right now, home to the NHL and NBA teams, for those of you who are not from the metropolitan area of Washington, DC. The owner of those groups, Ted Leonsis, just announced that they would be d- finding to Northern Virginia, and that they would be getting a brand new venue in the Potomac Yards area. An outcry has ensued. The Governor’s name on the cannabis bill will be required from various Virginia lawmakers, according to one official. Rest assured, we have never heard the last of this.


We first learned in October of last year that the Eastern Band of Cherokee in North Carolina had voted to establish a marijuana dispensary on their cultural land and had issued medical pot cards to potential clients. Now, we note that they have scheduled their letter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e24261311c-d1630d4a35-279059971″ rel=”noopener”>opening for ( no surprise ) April 20 of this year. Not everyone is happy to hear this announcement. In response to this announcement, North Carolina Senators Ted Budd ( R ) and Thom Tillis ( R ) have written to various federal officials asking for a plan to enforce state and federal laws. Before letter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e24261311c-d1630d4a35-279059971″ rel=”noopener”>opening moment, we’ll likely see more of this.


Hawai’i’s Senate passed an mature- use hemp bill this week by a three- to- one ratio. The House has now received the bill, which has previously suffered from failed legislation attempt. Does this moment be unique? Keep tuned.


As regular readers may well know, cannabis businesses cannot, like other businesses, deduct business expenses from their federal ( and many state ) taxes because it is prohibited on the federal level. This is a painful area for business users, for obvious reasons. Trulieve, one of the region’s biggest cannabis companies, has consistently filed amended tax returns in an effort to get the calculation, known as 280E. Nowadays, they have presumably been successful in getting payments. The business also declined to provide their authorized analysis and confirm whether these were provincial or state refunds. Another cannabis companies may decide to pursue suit, given that Trulieve received thousands in payments.

AND Then

Have a look at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert‘s taking on Germany legalizing cannabis.

Get well everyone. We’ll be of next year, but will gain on Friday, March 15.

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