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Swift Marijuana Rescheduling Urge Biden Administration by Veterans Advocacy Groups- Cbdganjah

A diverse group of military veterans including figures from different ethnic backgrounds are gathered around a round table in a meeting room discus

Leading veterans ‘ organizations are urging the Biden administration to change federal marijuana laws as soon as possible. This program, which is described in a letter that was distributed to NBC News, is in line with the growing call for pot to be reclassified, as suggested by the Department of Health and Human Services six months ago.

 image reflecting the discussion and advocacy by a diverse group of military veterans for broader treatment options, including medical cannabis.

The Justice Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration have been urged to implement this change quickly by these companies, including well-known organizations like the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, AMVETS, American GI Forum, the American Legion, Blinded Veterans Association, and Minority Veterans Of America. They recognize the numerous physical and mental issues company members and veterans face after leaving the military and emphasize the significance of expanding treatment options for them.

Marijuana’s current position as a Schedule 1 substance, which places it in the same category as drugs like heroin, highlights its alleged high abuse potential and absence of acknowledged health advantages. The Department of Health and Human Services ‘ suggestion to reclassify Schedule 3 had significantly lessen regulations.

Officials have reported that the DEA is expected to make a decision soon in response to President Joe Biden’s order to review cannabis laws in October 2022.

captures the hopeful dawn of a new era in veterans' health care with a focus on the therapeutic potential of cannabiscaptures the hopeful dawn of a new era in veterans' health care with a focus on the therapeutic potential of cannabis

Veterans who use cannabis in states where it is legitimate are not denied health services, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Despite the fact that cannabis is legal in a variety of aspects across more than 40 state, it does not offer marijuana/” rel=”noopener”>medical marijuana as part of its care options or pay for such treatments. Despite this, the VA and the Defense Department advised against using weed to treat PTSD in a joint statement released last summer.

According to an American Legion survey with 82 % of respondents supporting it, the advocacy groups highlight the community’s strong desire for cannabisnews.org/united-states-cannabis-news/insufficient-data-hampers-medical-cannabis-use-in-pediatric-cancer-treatment-study/” title=”Insufficient Data Hampers Medical Cannabis Use in Pediatric Cancer Treatment: Study” rel=”noopener”>medical cannabis to be a federally approved treatment option. They contend that soldiers continue to be wary of discussing cannabis use with VA professionals out of concern for unfavorable outcomes even in the absence of a DEA decision.

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