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Artificial intelligence ( AI), though still in its infancy, is no longer a novelty. AI is present everywhere, from helping you create marketing articles to streamlining your cannabis increase facility operations. But as it is with any innovation, AI has its pros and cons, especially in public relations ( PR ).

A manufacturer, or an contracted provider of services for a company, that establishes its presence in the public eye through major media outlets is the practice of public relations. PR is a must-have for cannabis organizations in order to circumvent legal restrictions on cannabis advertisements and build credibility.

The saying” all PR is great Marketing” is probably well-known. Let me be the first to tell you, this is n’t always the case. Negative PR can devastate your brand, which you might not recover from.

Also, bad PR habits, fueled by the ease of use of AI, can give your brand off with a one- way ticket to a negative reputation. This article will assist you in ensuring that your PR outreach is powerful and authentic.

The Drawbacks of Using AI to Create a PR Pitch

AI is Usually Misleading

AI has a history of providing false information; according to a study, up to 26 % of AI’s data is inaccurate. In the end, using AI compromises your pitch’s trust and value. Not to mention that there is a lot of debate over whether or not your account will be published in major papers.

Imagine providing false information to a publishing like The New York Times in a ball. The writer would assuredly list your business, not only will your pitch been tossed to the side. Or worse, the falsehoods are exposed, your story is published in the Times, and your company and Times suffer significant criticism when untruths are exposed.

It’s similar to playing with fire when you use AI to read your pitch. If you’re no exceedingly careful, you will get burned.

Your Rivals Could Have a Pitch Like Your Companies.

Have you ever seen a social media post or piece of content that was so plainly written by AI because it used the phrase “in the ever-expanding landscape of cannabis financial…”? This is because AI tools like ChatGPT only have so much imagination in their arsenal. What I mean is that if AI-written content is starting to appear the same from various angles, chances are that the PR pitch it only spits out for you is incredibly similar to the pitch it spits out for someone else.

In the hemp business, it’s difficult enough to have company officials ‘ tones heard in conventional media. The chances of a reporter choosing your company over the other are thin now that you have the same ball as your competitor because you both used AI. Without differentiators to create your story special, you’ll never be able to walk out in a reporter’s box.

AI Content is Quickly Detectable

If you think it’s hard to figure out if information was written by AI, you’re bad. Artificial copy is visible to the human eye as well as quickly as it is easily discernible through free online text scanners. If, as I stated before, AI uses popular phrases that no more go unnoticed by visitors.

I’m arguing that writers and journalists will be incredibly aware of AI-written pitches. And despite the fact that the majority of people are aware of the value that AI can bring, the lot remain wary of its capabilities and use ethics. Despite this, it’s possible that journalists who receive your ball are less likely to proceed if it appears to be written by arbitrary knowledge. Is that a danger you’re willing to take?

A Robot Wrote It

This just cut to the chase. Artificial material was created by a robot for humans. It will be challenging to personalize your pitch without coming off as mechanical. The only way to write a humanistic pitch ( and engage with journalists ) is when the goal of public relations is to make personal relationships. That requires that your ball sound authentically from a human.

You’ll struggle to get any media coverage for your product if your ball has less character and a flat-lined tone in it. A strong professional connection can be established when a journalist and journalist speak in a humane manner. All the above you make or break a PR agency’s work.

What Do You Have to Lose? All.

Beyond the ball, there are issues with using AI in your hemp public relations plan. If you’re using AI to compose bylines for you, you’re only hurting yourself and your company. Your articles will appear across—to not merely writers, but users as well—as fake and, for a lack of a better word, stupid. You ca n’t afford to have your brand look stale in such a competitive and niche market.

Although I still think there is value in AI, your PR ball or headline does not mention it. The best way to defeat your Marketing strategy is to be completely individual.

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